Easy Finite Element Method with Software

Dr. Pramote Dechaumphai,Dr. S. Phongthanapanich
Barcode: 9789740319696
ISBN: 978-974-03-1969-6
Page: 362
Ed.: 1
Year: 2007
Cover types: Softcover
Paper type: ปอนด์ 80 แกรม
Size: แปดหน้ายก
Cover price: 650 (Bath.)
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Easy Finite Element Method with Software
This book explains fundamentals of the finite element method so that it is easy to understand. The book includes a finite element color graphics software which is simple to use on personal computer or notebooks. The finite element theory described in the book together with the accompanied software can help beginners to understand the entire process of the method quickly.
The book presents the use of the method for analyzing problems in different disciplines. These include: (a) thermal, (b) stress, (c) thermal stress, (d) potential flow, (e) viscous flow, and (f) high-speed compressible flow problems. Their differential equations, finite element equations and matrices are presented. The accompanied software, EasyFEM, was developed for beginners who had little or no background on using a finite element software. The software combines the color graphics visualization and the finite element analyzer together. Several examples are presented to demonstrate advantages of the finite element method for solving problems that have complex geometry.


Easy FEM, Easy Finite Element Software, Thermal Analysis, Stress Analysis, Thermal Stress Analysis, Potential Flow Analysis, Viscous Flow Analysis, Compressible Flow Analysis, Appendices


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