English for Science and Technology is a student-centered course for university and college student who have reached a lower-intermediate to intermediate level of English. The activities in the book, based on the four stages of the ERICA (Effective Reading in content Area) Model: Preparing for Reading, Thinking through the Reading, Extracting and Organizing Information, and Translating Information, activate students background knowledge, knowledge of the text at surface and deep levels, intelligent guess, and writing.


Teachers Teaching Notes, Teachers Answer Key, Teachers Listening Scripts


For teacher ESP text for university or college undergraduate in science and technology.

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English for Sciencr and Technology Teachers Guide includes,The introduction. This concerns the course description, contents, objectives, and instructional procedures.The answer key.The listening scripts.The teaching notes.

Comments from the author.
A compact disc is also available for students to use on their own extra listening activities outside the classroom

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